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Dec 30, 2020
In Gun Sales
Hello, Price: $1500. This is a Bulgy Kit on a Nodak receiver. I purchased in 2010 and have put <300 rounds through it. I cleaned it with hot water prior to normal cleaning procedure due to the corrosive nature of 7n6. It has the CHF bulgy barrel. It was advertised as a matching parts kit, however the bolt does not match the front trunnion. I'm happy to check on other SN's, but those were the only two that stood out to me. The FSB has no cant. It has a manticore arms side folder. I believe the furniture is AKM. I also believe it the parts kit was refinished during the build. It is black, not grey like i've seen some AK Kits. I'll toss in a 30 round black, plum, or EG bakelite mag. I'm happy to provide any additional photos if needed. I also have a mountain of 7n6 as well as 20 odd magazines. I'll give the purchaser first crack at the additional mags and ammo before listing. Cross posted on ARFCOM. SMS is best, 970-818-1811.
Solf| Bulgy AK-74 content media


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